Spinach Sweetness

Most people might think, adding vegetables to make a smoothie doesn’t taste good. Besides the fact it’s very healthy, it does taste very good. For instance, you can add fruits to make it sweet. I am also kind of new to this, making smoothies. I can tell you it indeed is fun to try new blends everytime. Today I made myself this one;


* 200 ml. ‘Healthy People’ juice, blueberry-raspberry flavor
* 100 ml. water
* 1 banana
* 150 gr. fresh blueberries
* 1 piece of sellery
* 2 kiwis
* 1 handfull of spinachleaves

Ofcourse don’t put all of it in the mixer at once, but put the ingredients in gradually. Blend this all together, poor yourself a glass and if you like sprinkle some shredded coconut on top. All together this is good for about 800 ml. So you will have enough for at least 2 days.

Enjoy!Spinach Sweetness Sweet Spinach smoothie 2


Refreshingly Green

  • Ingredients:

    *2 slices of sourdoughbread
    *1/2 or a whole avocado
    *lettuce blend (any type of lettuce will do)
    *lemon mayonaise
    *fresh black pepper
    *sea salt or Aromat


    Refreshingly GreenSpread some lemon mayonaise on the slices of bread. Slice the avocado in half and put the content on the two slices. Use a little spoon to get the content out, works the easiest way. When a small avocado you can use a whole one. When a big avocado one half is enough. Put some black pepper and seasalt on top. Then add some lettuce and on top of that some thin slices of cucumber. You can add some black pepper or aromat on that if you like.

    [When you want, you can add baby tomatoes, bean sprouts or cress on top.]