Circle of repetition


I love you with all of my heart
So pure, unconditional and true
I love in your direction
With my each and every part
You maintained to pursue
So we intensely shared our affection

This is definitely not a first
Because we’ve known each other for so long
I remember the immediate attraction we both felt
There was always that connection, so strong

Then suddenly you shattered my heart
In a thousand pieces it broke
You made me feel so sad and cold
But we would never stay apart
We could never really let it go
Always we came back to one another, to hold

Now you want us to be forever apart
Thus in a million pieces my heart broke
Many times you’ve hurt me before
But I felt completely numb when you last spoke

I keep picking up the pieces, over and again
Yet this time my heart might no longer heal
I will definitely keep loving you forever
But next time, don’t expect my heart’s here again for you to steal

Though the hurt and the tears that I yet again cry
I choose to forgive, one day you’ll realise and see
Once more, time will have passed by
You’ll miss what you’ve lost and search in others to find me
But I will have moved on for good by then
And live oh so happily


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