Complexity in soulconnections.

A sudden feeling of disquiet overcomes me. Discomforting sadness arises and deep down I already know what it is about. After receiving response, the cause of this feeling is confirmed. Tears start to flow slowly but uncontrollably, for just a moment. So they will again… and again. Brief moments of deep sadness surprise me in the following days. My heart feels heavy. An innocent heartfelt connection disrupted, because of the things we get taught in this society. The indoctrination of fear, jealousy, anxiety, possession and other comparable aspects. But this is also about the confusion in ourselves, how to deal with being ourselves in this society. How to deal with these deep feelings of connection, feeling comfortably with each other immediately. It feels cruel and so unfair; not being able to express yourself from what you “know” and feel deep down is right. Why does it have to be this hard, to be able to be ourselves and let thoughts and feelings on the loose, run free without other people feeling hurt? I now feel empty, misplaced and misjudged….. again.

A week or two later and I feel… well, most people would say “better”. But is it thát, really? I think I’ve replaced the pain or sadness with some kind of understanding, some kind of peace. Or maybe it’s just being overwhelmed by distraction and put away somewhere in the core of my being, hidden again. My body takes a stance, as if staring into the void. I am here, but I’m not here. Thoughts and images rush through me with a lightspeed, making no sense. At least, that’s what my rational conviction is. Obviously it’s all there for a reason, making sense in some way. Inside it feels like something that needs millions of words to describe, yet there aren’t words found to explain. Only those alike, those connecting on that deep level might have a sense of understanding.

Thinking about you, worried about you, caring about you, despite the fact of not really knowing you. Right? To most human beings this sounds preposterous. Inside however, this all feels like home, like there’s no other way than this way. It feels natural. Our human body and inner core find themselves in conflict, confusing the ego. What is right? What is wrong? Our intuition tells us what is supposed to be, what is. There’s no human right or wrong. Nothing but injected lies, to create a phantasm of control.

It feels like living in parallel worlds, many at once. Through all that chaos and violence of what seems to be the human inner world, there’s is the real you. Always knowing without knowing anything, remembering.


In our hearts without chains
We explore the imposing mountains
Gazing at the dark sky, filled with stars
Wandering through the depth of forests
Our light guides us to a parallel world

In our hearts without chains
We share thoughts and feelings freely
Unknown to false fear and anger
Acceptance of what is, unconditionally
Seeing in each other, our true Self

In our hearts without chains
Love is seen beyond sight
Beauty is heard beyond sound
We feel beyond touch, forever connected
Through the infinite of wonder


3 thoughts on “Complexity in soulconnections.

  1. Maaike says:

    “how a great mind can be sad, or a sad mind can be awesome! ….” 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tara says:

    Hi Syl! I am impressed, it’s beautifully written. Love ya :*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Alan Henry says:

    Beautiful and sad but so meaningful all at the same time. We have our true self repressed because society dictates to us.

    Liked by 1 person

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